Code Signing SSL

  • Which browser can I use to sign up for a Code Signing certificate?

    Following browsers support Code Signing certificates: IE 6.0+ and Safari.

    IE6+ (example):

    Reset Internet Security options, should be set up as Default level: (Tools > Internet Options > Security Tab).
    If the button is not active it means the default level is on.

    Now you can purchase CS SSL.

    Note: Product only works on the browser it was bought on. If you would like to use the certificate on different browser, the export certificate will be needed.


  • Error 'Certificate installation was unsuccesfull!'

    The error: -2146885628 with comment Certificate installation was unsuccesfull! means that this Code Signing certificate can only be installed on the same machine from where you applied.

    Note: Do not install the codesigning certificate to a different machine, unless the private key has been backed up successfully.

    The Private key will be stored in the default directory C:\mykey.pvk

  • Automatic signing using Visual Studio
    1. Convert the .PVK file into .PFX using the pvk2pfx tool, which should be in your Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\Common7\Tools\Bin.
    2. In Visual Studio go to Project, Properties and Signing tab.
    3. Check Sign the assembly or click the Choose the Strong Name Key and select Browse.
    4. Choose the .PFX, you have created in step 1.
  • Who needs a Code Signing Digital ID?

    Code Signing Certificate is a tool for any software publisher who wants to share applications and software via the Internet. It protects against all types of fraud that could harm the software and its author.

  • What files can be signed with a Code Signing Certificate?

    Using Authenticode and Code Signing Certificate, you can sign the following files:

    • .exe
    • .cab
    • .ocx
    • .dll
    • .jar
        These files must be signed with Internet Explorer.
  • What is the "Authenticode"?

    Authenticode is used to sign the 32-bit files: .exe, .cab, .ocx, .class. If you want to distribute applications for programs such as: Internet Explorer, Exchange, Outlook, you should sign it with Authenticode.

  • What is needed to validate a code signing certificate?

    There are 3 things which must be verified before issuance of a CS product:

    1. The legal existence of the organization.
    2. The email to which the certificate will be sent (must be with domain name owned by the organization named in the CS).
    3. A call will be made to verify the telephone number of the organization and/or the individuals name in the code signing certificate (in order to verify that the person placing the order is an authorized representative of the organization).