IBM WebSphere 4.0 Server

First create a keystore
You will save your private key in keystore. It is a part of the certificate.

Open IKEYMAN tool with the command ./
A screen IBM Key Management will appear. You can use existing keystore or create a new one. Here we are creating a new one, only for WebSphere.

The IBM Key Management window is open - select the option Key Database File and New. New box will appear:

  • leave the JKS as the Key database type,
  • type name for the file,
  • and choose the location where the file will be saved.

Now you can create CSR:

  • In the IBM Key Management screen, select in the menu Create and New Create Request.
  • New dialog box will appear. Enter the data:

Key Label: the key worlds/name you will able to find the CSR,
Key Size: use minimum 2048-bit,
Common Name: type domain name you want to secure (without http://) but with www if you want to secure it in this way,
Organization: entire name of company,
Organization Unit: IT e.g.,
Locality: town or city,
Country: select a code of your country,
Request file name:

  • Click OK to generate CSR. When it is ready, a key pair is also generated (private key only stored in the keystore, public key in the certificate you receive).

If it successfully created the information will show like this: A new certificate request has been successfully created in the file: ___________________________
You must send this file to the certification authority to request a certificate.
You will need this file during the application process for the SSL certificate.